As required by the state insurance departments for Alabama and Maryland, producers licensed for sales in these states must begin using the revised Baltimore Life applications immediately.

The Home Office of Baltimore Life can no longer accept and process older versions of the application forms listed below.

Maryland Alabama Product
7430-0508(MD)-0113 7430-0508(AL)-0113 Silver Guard Senior Life
8232-0411(MD)-0113 8232-0411-AL-0113 Generation Legacy
7637(MD)-0113 7637-AL-0113 Level Term and Continuous Premium Whole Life
6484-0611-MD-0113 6484-0611-AL-0113 Reinstatement Form
437-0709-MD-0113 437-0709(AL)-0113 Policy Change Form
8003-0411(MD)-0113 8003-0411-AL-0113 Single Premium Whole Life
8168-0910-al-0113 Home Secure Mortgage Term
1483-1011-AL-0113 Attachment to App w/Add'l Details

You can download the revised applications from the secure agent site Forms Ordering page or request the paper application from Baltimore Life's Supply Department. Remember, you can refer to the appropriate product's Approval and Forms List as well as the secure site Application & Forms Package for up-to-date information on where products and accompanying riders can be sold.

Best Regards,

The Independent Sales Team at Baltimore Life